Q. How do i add a coupon code?

You can add the coupon \ discount code during the checkout in the box indicating

Q. What are your shipping methods?

We have our own in-house delivery system in place, our delivery team will deliver it to your chosen location.

Q. What payments methods are available?

At the moment it is cash on collection to our dedicated delivery driver.

Q. When will I receive my order?

Within 3-5 working days

Q. Do you offer supplement bundles?

Yes, we have various options of supplement bundles.

Q. My discount code does not work

Discount codes will not work with bundle offers as they are already discounted.

Q. Are all your products manufactured in the UK?

Yes, all our supplements are made in the UK and imported to Pakistan

Q. Do the supplements have any side effects?

No, the supplements do not have any side effects. They are produced with the finest quality ingredients to a British standard.

Q. Should I speak to my doctor or physician in regards to which supplements i should take?

Yes, if you have any concerns please do consult your doctor or physician

Q. How many tablets / capsules in each bottle

60 tablets / capsules per bottle.

Q. How many tablets / capsules should i take

Please take 2 a day with water.

Q. Will the supplements cure my illness?

We cannot state if a particular supplement will cure your illness, but however it could assist and help your recovery process.

Q. Why do I need supplements?

Due to the lack of correct nutrition we have in our diets we have to top up our bodies with vitamins & minerals for it to function to a optimum level.

Q. Can supplements give me constipation or diarrhoea?

This is not a common side effect, however if you over dose then diarrhoea is a possibility. Majority of the time the body is just detoxing itself so the symptoms will ease down.

Q. Will i develop any new illness by taking these supplements?

No, all the supplements are safe.

Q. Who can use these supplements?

Anyone male or female can take our supplements they are designed for everyones wellbeing.

Q. Do the supplements work? Will they help me?

Yes, Our supplements are designed to do exactly what they state.

Q. Do I need to have a balanced diet?

Yes it is very important you eat the right nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. We recommend you consume 5 fruit’s or vegetable’s a day.

Q. How much water should I drink per day?

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Water is very essential for your body to stay hydrated and function correctly. If you are sweating a lot due to exercise or a hot climate please increase your water intake accordingly.


Q. How do the supplements work?

We use the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the finest supplements manufactured in the UK.

Each supplements is different and works for the purpose stated. The supplement will start working immediately you will notice the progress within a few weeks.

For optimum results we recommend you use the product / s for a minimum off 2 to 3 month.

Q. What should i eat?

We recommend you to have a balanced healthy diet along with enough water intake for the supplements to work at the optimum level. Try to avoid oily and unhealthy food. 

Q. What happens if you don’t get all the nutrients (vitamins & minerals) that you need?

Research has proven lack to vitamins and minerals can lead to poor health. In the UK it cost the healthcare system close to £6 Billion a year due to lack of poor diets. It has a greater economic burden then smoking related diseases.

Many premature deaths could be prevented if the diet matched nutritional guidelines.

There are many strong links between low intake of particular nutrients and the risk of developing chronic disease such as: cancers, heart conditions, diabetes, depression etc