Privacy Policy

Data Usage and Collection

The data we collect from you consists of information that you provide to us which includes:

  • Your name
  • Delivery and billing addresses
  • Reviews on products
  • Information with regards to your account such as gender, email address
  • Purchases you make on our site
  • Methods of payment
  • Interactions with our team

All this information is collected and provided by you, the customer when you are placing an order or creating an account with us. The information collected is for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry as effectively as we can and ensuring that we deliver your products to you.

Data storage and sharing

We will store your information for the purpose of tracking your purchases, complaints, and communication with you. The record of your purchase is kept for invoicing, tax and warranty reasons and this information will be only be kept for the necessary period. When the information is no longer needed then it will be deleted. If you have unsubscribed from our marketing emails, then your email will be stored to ensure no further emails are sent to you.

Your data will be shared with third parties when you have placed an order to ensure our suppliers and other companies, we are working with provide the correct delivery and products to you. We also share with third parties such as fraud prevention and government authorities in response to a request that is lawful or to report fraud. If we sell any business assets, we will attempt to make sure the buyer abides by this privacy policy.


Your personal data such as email number, address and phone number will be used for marketing communications which will be based on your usage and purchases of our products. These communications will be customized to your preferences and at any given time you have the option to alter our communications with you by changing your contact preferences. This can be done by unsubscribing from emails or updating your account settings. 


We protect your data by taking precautions and utilising the best practices to ensure that any data that has been collected remains secure. Our online security system safeguards that the data is not lost, disclosed, misused, or destroyed. Our site is encrypted to put your mind at ease that all transactions made with your debit or credit card will use coded software preventing unauthorized access. Encryption methods are used to protect the data of our customers when it is in transit with a communication channel is secure.

We do everything we can to keep your data safe and secure, but we cannot guarantee the security of any information conveyed on our site.


We do not knowingly collect data from persons under the age of 18 as our site is intended to be used by those 18 or above.

Your rights

As a consumer of our products you have rights with regards to your personal data. This means at any given time you can access and/or request the erasure of any data. Furthermore, it is your choice if you would like us to share your data for marketing purposes. To revoke the sharing of your data, you can opt-out by unsubscribing to our email services.

For any inquiries regarding your rights over personal data please contact us using the details below.

Contact Us

Please use our email if any correspondence required.