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Building blocks to a Healthier body

Do you find yourself getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of your working life? Are you always on the go without thinking twice about your diet? Well, it’s time to slow down for a minute and think about your health and your body.  Use this minute to take a breather from your busy day and educate yourself on how you can build your health and body.  

There are so many ways your daily routine can negatively impact your health and can leave your body feeling weak and susceptible to colds and other diseases. Do you find yourself getting ill quick and having low moments during your day to day activities? It’s easy and common for busy bodies like yourself to feel like this. How do you tackle this? The best way to overcome these feelings is making sure your body is getting the nutrients and vitamins its needed. 

Here are the 3 building blocks you need to build a healthier body 

Stay hydrated 

The most important thing you can do is make sure you are getting enough water for your internal organs and your skin. Your body is made up of 70% water, making it the most important substance you can take to make sure you are performing your best. Just like the internal organs like the brain needing water, the skin also needs water to remain nourished and hydrated to make you look good as well as feel good. 

To make sure your body stays hydrated, it is important to drink water at regular intervals. The recommendation for water intake is 2 – 2.5 Litres of water per day to provide sufficient oxygen reaching all parts of the body. Little changes in your daily routine can be incorporated so that you can get the water you need. Start your day with a glass of water which will increase the oxygen flow in your body and hydrate you. It is easy to forget to drink water therefore, carrying a bottle with you in your handbag and keeping one at your desk will remind you to drink regularly. 

Just like keeping your body hydrated, it is also important to keep your skin hydrated. This can be done by drinking water and using hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known to retain moisture up to 1000 times more than water. As the body ages, the production of hyaluronic acid will reduce naturally making the skin feel dry and begin ageing quicker. To deal with this reduction in hyaluronic acid, it is important to supplement it so your skin can continue to feel replenished and hydrated. We use high quantities of hyaluronic acid in our products especially in the skin rejuvenation capsules to restore your appearance. 

Boost Vitamin D

There are many ways to boost Vitamin D. The most obvious way is to increase your exposure to the sun however, this exposure to UV rays can have detrimental effects on the body and can lead to skin cancer. Similarly, increased exposure to sunlight is not effective in all individuals as those with high levels of melanin are less likely to get the required levels of Vitamin D needed and not all countries around the world get enough daylight hours.  If you find yourself being in a country where sunlight is lacking, how can you get your required volume of Vitamin D? It’s simple. You can alter your diet and you can take Vitamin D supplements. 

Altering your diet so it contains foods with high levels of Vitamin D can sound daunting, but it is a pretty easy task. Foods rich in Vitamin D include oily fish and cod liver oil and incorporating fish like salmon into your weekly meals can result in the Vitamin D boost. If you do not enjoy the taste of fish, there are other alternatives such as soy or almond milks, fresh fruit juices, cheese, and mushrooms. Start your day with a glass of fresh fruit juice and a glass of water will most definitely give you the energy you need to perform your daily tasks. Swapping your usual milk for almond or soy in your tea and coffee will also have a positive impact on your mood and boost your levels of Vitamin D. 

Taking Vitamin D supplements is the quickest and easiest way to get your levels high without having to worry about altering your diet and your daily routine. Our formula contains your daily requirement of Vitamin D in the form of an easy to swallow tablet and the packaging is portable to carry, so you can pop the bottle in the bag and take it on the go. We pride ourselves in packing all the important vitamins to keep you feeling revived and removing the worry about getting external sources of vitamin D. 

Improve Immune system 

The immune system is a network of cells and organs that is essential for human health. It protects the body from micro-organisms that could pose harm such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If these harmful micro-organisms were to enter the body, then the immune system would release a response to destroy the foreign substances.  The immune system sometimes requires assistance from medication or other forms of supplements to effectively battle the diseases. 

It is vital for every human being to have a strong immune system to keep you feeling fit and reduce the occurrences of falling ill by being less susceptible to diseases. There are many ways to build the immune system by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating your greens. These are some simple ways that can be implemented into your daily routine to give your immune system that little push it needs. Increasing daily exercise has a positive impact on your immune system and your mood, making you feel good all day while your body fights to keep you healthy. 

To give your immune system an even bigger push, we have a wide range of products with the ingredients you need to build your immunity. Vitamins such as B, C and E are known to improve the immune system. Our A – Z multivitamin range is packed with all the essential nutrients to help you body fight off any nasty bacteria. Vitamin C is known as the biggest immune booster and 100% of the recommended daily intake is packed in one of our multivitamin tablets. Vitamin C is also found in our Hair and Nails capsule so you can boost your immune system and strengthen your physical appearance. Similarly, the daily recommended intake of Vitamin B and E is also covered in our tablets giving you everything you need to build a stronger immune system. 

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